It is rare that a shark movie comes along that is good enough to go to theaters. We have had a spat of them in the last few years, but in my opinion, those didn’t even deserve to go to the theaters. The last great shark movie to hit the theaters was Deep Blue Sea, and that was almost twenty years ago. Now, in 2018 there is a new Deep Blue Sea movie coming to the small screen, and it looks like its going to be terrible.

This trailer reminds me of the awful Cabin Fever remake that was a frame by frame remake except for the fact that they took out all of the funny parts. Not only does this trailer show how almost every character dies it seems that they all die similarly to all of the characters in the first movie. Not to mention the fact that the plot looks almost identical to the first one with the only difference being that these are bull sharks and not makos.

A few small differences include the use of five sharks instead of three and they seem to be missing the badass with a heart of gold shark tamer. The fact they are bull sharks which can survive in freshwater I’m sure will also play a part as it always does with shark movies that use bull sharks. Nevertheless, I have been checking Redbox every week hoping Deep Blue Sea 2 is available. Until then, I suggest that you catch up on the first Deep Blue Sea and remember how excellent it is before the sequel ruins the name.

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