It wasn’t that long ago that there were rumblings that there was a new Tremors TV show in the works. To drum up even more interest in the potential show -on NBC no less – there were also rumors that Kevin Bacon was attached to the new show. For now, we are getting a sixth sequel in may starring what looks like Valentine Mckey’s daughter in a pivotal role; but that doesn’t mean that a sequel couldn’t still be in the works.

First, we should talk about the ill-fated Tremors TV show that many casual horror fans probably never knew existed. This hour-long TV show had the potential to be great – and in my opinion was pretty good – but it wasn’t given a chance to find its footing.

The show starts shortly after the event of Tremors: Back to Perfection and manages to quickly tie up a few plot holes and give the series more angles by adding a few extra characters. The first few episodes ease you back into the franchise by reintroducing El Blanco and finding ways to interject shriekers and ass-blasters as well. The problem is that the writers either got bored or just weren’t very imaginative- enter Mixmaster.

Instead of writing overlying story arcs or just going with an “Adventures of Burt Gummer!” theme, writers chose to add Mixmaster to the mix. To make a long story short, Mixmaster was a chemical developed by the government that can combine the DNA of different species to create an entirely new species. It wouldn’t have been a terrible addition to the show, but they leaned on it like a cool kid leans on his Camaro.

Almost every episode from four on is about Mixmaster creating some new monster in the Perfection area. I think the idea drove away the few diehard fans that the show had which spelled doom for a show that wasn’t going to have a massive following, to begin with. Even the addition of the infallible Christopher Lloyd to the cast couldn’t do anything to get the show off the ground.

I may be in the minority, but I love the Tremors franchise and in my opinion, it can do no wrong. Even though there are many ways, this series could have been better I still watch it once or twice a year. Given a chance, this series could have had a small but loyal following, but a lack of proper advertising and some misguidance in writing let all of us down. Luckily, the series is still available on DVD for those of us serious fans, but I think we deserve more.


The first try may not have worked out, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve another go. A tremors series could work and now is a better time than ever to make it happen. With Tremors 5 and 6 introducing the franchise new generations producers can capitalize on the new fan base combined with us old heads.

Fans of the movies have stuck with this franchise through a few questionable sequels and a series that didn’t pan out the way it should have. We deserve a new series done right, and since they are starting fresh, they could set the show anywhere and anytime with a whole new cast of characters.

Hopefully, we will see a decent Tremors series in the future, but for right now we will just have to be excited about the upcoming Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell. Maybe if this movie does well talk about a TV series could heat up again.