When I first caught wind of Jurrasic World rebooting the Jurrasic Park franchise I was skeptical, to say the least. I, like almost everyone else, loved the original Jurrasic Park, and then the studio did what studios do to any great movie, they drove the franchise into the ground with two garbage sequels. So when it was announced that another Jurrasic park was coming, I was sure that it would be another flop. I couldn’t have been more wrong and Jurrasic World quickly became one of my favorite movies.


Fast forward to now where we are on the cusp of another sequel in the Jurassic universe and I am again biting my nails that this film will disappoint. The first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom didn’t instill much confidence with an emphasis on chaos and falling back on the whole T-Rex saves the day trope that has become standard in this franchise.

The second trailer for the next movie in the Jurrasic lineage has my interest peaked with an intense scene featuring the newest “dinosaur they cooked up in that lab,” and some unlikely heroes. It seems that Blue, the Velociraptor with questionable allegiances will be back and may have solidified her role on the side of the good guys and it also shares Claire taking up the mantle of badass which was an idea that was only hinted at in Jurassic World.

I am still not completely sold on the fact that this movie will be as awe-inspiring as either movie with a legitimate park, but I will still be seeing it none-the-less. The studio is running a pretty big online marketing campaign including their push of the Dinosaur Protection Group that has been all over my personal Facebook page. I’m sure that we will be inundated with a litany of sneak peaks and a few more trailers before Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is released, and I hope that each one gives a little more hope that this is going to be the sequel that fans deserve and not just another Hollywood money grab.